Thalassotherapy on a new level

Discover a Spanish paradise for beauty treatments at the Health & Beauty Center Thalasso-Spa.

Along the jagged white coastline of the Costa Blanca, there’s a place that offers a Mediterranean escape route from your daily chores, concerns and challenges. Located inside the SH Villa Gadea, just outside Alicante, a genuine spa lies in wait. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of your typical Spanish holiday towns and tourists, a veritable opportunity for therapy is on the cards. Let’s dive right in!


Thalassotherapy may come from the Greek word “thalassa” for sea and “therapia” for treat, but here in Spain the therapeutic use of sea water and marine products is an astounding experience. The spa itself covers over 2,000 square meters of swimming pools, geysers, jet sprays and a Jacuzzi. A combination of Spanish, Finnish, Turkish and Greek knowledge has created a safe haven of saunas, whirlpool baths, ice caves and hot tubs. Go from hot to cold, muddy to clean! Treat yourself to an algae wrap or body scrub, relaxing in only the very best in seaweed, sea salt and clay. The French influence is not to be missed – and can be found in a luxurious spot inside, where you can indulge in a wealth of treatments based on the Maria Galland Paris approach, including THALASSO and COCOON TREATMENTS. For a state-of-the-art anti-aging facial, try the quintessential MILLE RADIANCE TREATMENT. The combination of high-performing products and unique modelling technique guarantees an immediate lift. Developed from the insight that the skin has truly a mosaic of needs, these personalized treatments feature active ingredients that will leave you feeling and looking younger and rejuvenated. You can relax safely in the knowledge that top-class therapists and techniques are working hard to pamper you, providing a complete service from consultation to a closing ritual, including expert advice on how to improve your own beauty ritual at home. You’ll have no excuses!


No doubt you’ll find it hard to leave this exclusive spot, but there’s an interesting world outside the resort you need to explore. You’re in Spain, so you really should try to absorb some of the culture and beauty and take a little back home, too.


  1. 1. Taste the Mediterranean diet
    All along the Mediterranean coastline, the word “diet” doesn’t have the negative connotations of “doing without”. Here in Spain, you can enjoy food that promise to provide essential nutrients for a longer, healthier life, so they say. Tapa dishes rich in olive oil for Omega-3, as well as tomatoes for phytonutrients and beans for fiber. Just avoid the deep-fried options. And don’t overindulge in the Sangria.  
  2. 2. Beach walk, jog or run
    As the spa is only three minutes from the beach, it provides an ideal opportunity for a walk, jog, or run ­– if you’re the more athletic type. Whatever you do, why not go barefoot along a short stretch of sand. We actually walk very differently when we’re not wearing shoes, and put other muscles to work. Let your feet breathe, and tone up those calf muscles!
  3. 3. Activate your mind
    Discover the old town of Altea. Recognized as a Cultural Heritage Site, the fortress from the 17th Century is an idyllic place to stroll around. Check at the hotel if you can sign up for a tour of the town and learn something about medieval history in the process. But you don’t actually need to remember any of it …


Tucked inside the Hotel Villa Gadea resort, you’ll find the Health & Beauty Center Thalasso-Spa and over 2,000 square meters of relaxing and invigorating treatments, massages and facials. Thalassotheraphy doesn’t get any better than this.



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