Relax in style: Munich’s “Tagesfarm” day spa

If you want to relax in Munich, visit the day spa “Tagesfarm”. The owner, an anti-aging specialist, has been pampering her clients there for 40 years.

Munich has more to offer than just Oktoberfest and perhaps the world’s best pretzels. For example, there’s also the English Garden; wonderful museums; charming neighborhoods that invite a stroll; the Isar River, where you can even swim (in the summer) – and of course countless beer gardens, where you can end your day in a relaxed, casual setting. 

Of course, in Germany’s third-largest city, relaxation doesn’t take place only outside. There are at least as many ways to relax indoors as out. For example, at the beauty salon “Tagesfarm.” In this small but excellent day spa, proprietor Ulrike Keller-Knobelspies and her team pamper the spa’s customers, both men and women. And she’s been at it since 1984. That makes Keller-Knobelspies, a trained esthetician, a true pioneer: “I was the first person in Germany to start a small day farm – a day spa, if you will,” says Keller-Knobelspies. And, incidentally, that’s also how long the esthetician has been working together with the Maria Galland Paris brand.


Want a short vacation from the daily grind? Then the “Tagesfarm” is exactly the right spot for you. Release all your cares and stress during one of the many Maria Galland Paris treatments the day spa offers. The MOMENTS OF BLISS tailored full body treatment, for instance, includes a wonderful body massage using sensuous fragrances which help you to relax and unwind, but stimulate the senses too. The treatments feature a body oil or a rich, luxurious cream from Maria Galland Paris. Each individual customer can choose the texture they like the most and which addresses their skin’s needs best. Want a longer break? Book a complete beauty day: five and a half hours without stress, but with body peeling, massage, full-body wrap and Prosecco.

“We always choose the treatment that exactly matches the individual needs of your skin.”

Along with wellness body treatments, the “Tagesfarm” offers other treatments as well. The facial treatments are dedicated to all the needs of your skin – and ensure that your skin stays beautiful and healthy. “We always choose exactly the right treatment for your skin,” says Keller-Knobelspies. “To ensure you get the treatment that precisely meets your skin’s needs, we start by conducting a full skin analysis.”

Since 1977, Ulrike Keller-Knobelspies has been considered a specialist throughout this sector when it comes to anti-aging. “My personal favorite from the anti-aging treatments is the intensive, deeply moisturizing MILLE RADIANCE TREATMENT,” says Keller-Knobelspies. In her day spa you can pamper yourself with treatments that rejuvenate your skin’s glow, and also choose treatments that prevent skin aging. “Prevention” – along with “relaxation,” of course – is the motto.


  1. 1. Enjoy the sun
    With around 18,560 hours of sunlight in the last 10 years, Munich is one of Germany’s sunniest cities. So remember: before you go outside, protect your skin with sunscreen.
  2. 2. Shed the right light on your décolleté
    Oktoberfest is not the only time in Munich to wear a dirndl. But remember: the focus when wearing a dirndl is the décolleté. So be sure to take care of this sensitive area of your skin – optimally, with a special cream.
  3. 3. Focus on hand cares
    Munich is drolly referred to as “Italy’s northernmost city.” This means there are more than a few ice cream parlors in this city of 1.5 million people. And when you hold an ice cream cone in your hand, your hand especially is exposed to the sun. For this reason, remember to protect your hands by regularly applying hand cream to them.

“Tagesfarm” day spa

A qualified dispensing chemist and professional beautician, Ulrike Keller-Knobelspies has worked independently since 1977. In 1984, she founded her “Tagesfarm” beauty salon in Munich. Since the very first day of her career – for over 40 years – the anti-aging expert has worked with Maria Galland Paris products. Why does she love them so much? “Maria Galland Paris captures the spirit of the day. I always know that the brand will regularly renew the line of products.” And her enthusiasm is infectious: her customers have stayed with her for decades. More info at:



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