Your ABC of beauty

The unique, specially selected active ingredients that formulate the Maria Galland Paris products – making them perfect for your individual complexion

We are all individuals and express this with our hairstyles, clothing, our natural charisma and even our lifestyle choices. Similarly, we all have different skin types – in fact each of our skin is made up of a complex mosaic of different behaviors and needs. It’s therefore vital that we address each separate area with gentle, targeted and tailored care.

Thanks to the precise diagnosis that goes into identifying the specific needs of each client’s skin, Maria Galland Paris beauticians provide targeted solutions using premium products, formulated with the best from nature and cutting-edge science, which make you look and feel gorgeous.

Curious to know which innovative ingredients go into your favorite products? Read our ABC of beauty!

  1. 1. ANTI-AGING PEPTIDES … reduce the appearance of wrinkles, firm the skin and stimulate its regeneration, as well as the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  1. 2. ARGAN OIL … or “liquid gold” is one of the most expensive vegetable oils in the world. It is extremely nourishing and regenerating thanks to its high concentration of effective ingredients, such as essential fatty acids and vitamin A.
  1. 3. COMPLEX OF LIPOSOMES … special high potential phyto extracts are encapsulated with liposomal technologies. These carriers help transport the active ingredients to where they are most needed.
  1. 4. FOUR BLOSSOMS COMPLEX … an exquisite composition of cowslip, violet, eye bright and silk tree blossoms for new luminosity and relaxation. This luxury blend of flowers smooths and harmonizes the skin perfectly.
  1. 5. GOLD (24 carat) … one of the most precious metals on earth, symbolizing sheer elegance and well-being. The purest essence of gold, 24 carat pampers the skin with a feeling of pure luxury, revealing a radiant glow.
  1. 6. HYALURONIC ACID (4-molecular) ... delivers an instant boost of luxurious moisture to the skin’s layers and builds a protective barrier on the surface, preventing moisture loss. An absolute innovative combination of four different hyaluronic acids for perfectly firmed and smoothed skin.
  1. 7. STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY … high performing anti-aging actives, which support cell vitality and skin renewal. They help prevent wrinkles and stimulate regeneration.
  1. 8. SWISS ICE WINE ELIXIR … made from grapes that have been left to freeze naturally on the vine, this unique active ingredient increases skin hydration and reduces wrinkles.
  1. 9. WHITE PEONY… the “flower with a thousand petals” shields your skin with an anti-pollution effect. This wonderful spring blossom provides an even skin tone and a radiant complexion.
  1. 10. WILD PISTACHIO RESIN … the gold of the Greek island, Chios, manages imperfections and has a visible pore refining effect for a clear and refined complexion. 
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