Your skin must last your whole lifetime and naturally, you want it look good throughout. Over the years, your complexion is exposed to whole concoction of internal and external influences, which can impact its appearance – but these effects differ for every individual and even for every area of our skin. It’s therefore worth investing in a care regime which is customized to the complex needs of your own personal complexion – and no-one else’s!

The intensive anti-aging face treatment with a natural lifting effect, MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD, helps skin look up to 90% younger*. It can only be applied using manual techniques by the skillful, experienced hands of the beautician. The individual needs of each area of our skin are addressed with specially tailored, highly personalized care. Here, we reveal fascinating facts and figures about this indulgent experience.



Madame Maria Galland created her Masque Modelant, the self-heating clay mask in this year, making it an impressive 55 years old – a cult product. 

37 to 42

degrees Celsius is the approximate temperature that the mask, which is made of clay and water, reaches as it self-heats. This heat gently opens up the pores, allowing the nourishing ingredients to work their way deep into the complexion for optimal results, before cooling down naturally.


key beauty assistants facilitate the MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD: the MODELLING MIXER and the MODELLING APPLICATOR. The new applicator helps to achieve the “sculpting effect” even more easily, with natural lifting and therefore even greater anti-aging results.


minutes is the optimum time which the 3A MODELLING COMPLEX ANTI-AGE DEFENCE needs to work its magic. The natural cooling of the mask gradually closes the pores, sealing in the valuable ingredients and creating an immediately visible lifting effect.


treatment steps form the unique, highly effective MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD, together with 33 Ultimate Pro Active Enhancers – which create a catalyst effect, activating the carefully selected ingredients so they are absorbed more rapidly and deeper into the skin.


minutes of pure indulgence for the skin can be enjoyed with the MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD, including your personal diagnostic and our recommendations for home usage



Curious to find out more about this cult face mask treatment? Look for a Maria Galland Paris salon near to you and try the MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD for yourself!                                                         


* Test results based on single application of 3A MODELLING COMPLEX ANTI-AGE DEFENSE on 35 persons aged 40–60 under clinical-dermatological conditions; result expressed in %; total result based on the mean results about firmed, smoothed, more elastic and suppler skin.