MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD: premium skin care in the best hands

The iconic face treatment at the heart of Maria Galland Paris reveals our individual beauty and indulges our senses with a truly holistic experience

When we’re applying our skin care products, how many of us think of it as a way of unveiling the natural energy and beauty that lie beneath?

That’s how Madame Maria Galland saw it. A dancer with a successful career behind her, she believed that it’s women’s unique energy that makes us beautiful and radiant, and that it’s the job of cosmetics to reveal it.

When Maria Galland created her Masque Modelant in 1962, she took a holistic approach to skin care that combined the best of science and nature, and was an immediate success with customers. With an emphasis on revealing the natural beauty that’s within us, her ideas have resonated with clients for over 55 years and carry even greater relevance today.


The iconic, recently revised MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD is a face treatment that lies at the heart of a brand. Based on breakthrough scientific techniques, this is a mineral clay face mask that is applied with sculpting techniques for a natural lifting effect, self-heats and forms itself around the contours of the face as it gets warmer. Over 20 minutes, it first opens the pores to allow for the absorption of precious active essences and creams, and then seals them into the targeted areas.

When the mask is removed, the immediate visible results are spectacular: signs of tension and stress are smoothed away, the features appear redefined. As though it’s been naturally lifted, the skin appears rejuvenated – youthfully firm and plump, radiating a healthy glow.

The premium power of skilled hands

However, the treatment isn’t just about dermatological care from prestige products. The MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD is the ultimate illustration of the revolutionary, highly personalized Maria Galland Paris method that covers specific individual skin needs. Combining the soothing touch and sculpting movements of the experienced hands of the beautician with highly effective ingredients that are applied zone by zone to the face in a mosaic form, this method addresses the specific individual skin needs of each client.

“Maria Galland always told me: we have gold in our fingers. The hand concentrates all the intelligence, sensitivity, and softness of the person giving the treatment.”

– Laurence Lombard, Trainer for Maria Galland Paris, France and trained by Madame Maria Galland herself

At the beginning of each 90-minute session, the beautician guides the client through a thorough skin analysis. The application phase offers true pampering – the beautician’s flowing movements with skilled hands creates an atmosphere of relaxation and trust as she sculpts the smooth clay; the client drifts into a tranquil and harmonized mood. At the end of this indulgent session, she offers expert, individual recommendations for the daily skin care routine at home, based on the client’s lifestyle, nutrition and fitness regimes.

The MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD lies at the heart of a beauty treatment that’s like a classic, choreographed dance of energy, precision and harmony. It reveals the beauty in every woman, of every age, and creates an experience that leaves the client wanting more.

“The skin is a mosaic of very different needs that must be preserved with tailor-made beauty care.”

– Madame Maria Galland

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