It's springtime: A floral reawakening for your skin

Reawaken and rejuvenate your complexion with the limited edition Maria Galland Paris SPRING FLOWERS PERFECTION TREATMENT that will leave winter far behind...

Winter is over! The world is in bloom and it’s high time your skin joined the springtime celebration. After braving the blustery winds and dry air of the cooler months, your complexion is probably in desperate need of attention. As luck would have it, Maria Galland Paris has developed a limited edition SPRING FLOWERS PERFECTION TREATMENT and a range of products devoted to helping you shake off the winter blues.

The Spring Flowers Perfection Treatment

Designed to calm, hydrate and illuminate your complexion, The SPRING FLOWERS PERFECTION TREATMENT is everything you need to embody spring. A qualified Maria Galland Paris beautician begins by cleansing and exfoliating away the final remnants of winter, before imbuing your skin – and soul – with fragrant spring blooms via two limited edition products.

The first of these, ESSENCE 009 PEONY, will plump your skin and replenish moisture stores, while enhancing radiance and guarding your complexion. The second, 4 BLOSSOMS PERFECTION MASK, will unleash the brightening and pore-refining complexes of cowslip, violet, eyebright and silk tree blossom, to minimize pores and give your complexion a smooth, even skin tone. Finally, creams and serums suited to your individual needs will leave you revived, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Maintaining the spring glow at home

Once home, you can retain your dazzling spring look by incorporating 340 LUMIN’ÉCLAT SERUM and 360 LUMIN’ÉCLAT SILKY CREAM to give your skin an extra boost of radiance. To address any signs of dry skin, use 98 INTENSE ACTION HYDRATING SERUM paired with either 96A INTENSIVE HYDRA CREAM PLUS or 96B HYDRA NUTRITIVE CREAM and finish off with 99 GLOW PERFECTING MOISTURIZER for a perfect springtime foundation.

With a combination of white peony extract and SPF 25, it will keep your skin bright, fresh and supple. For an additional boost, use 007 ESSENCE HYALURON to moisturize the sensitive area around your eyes, making it visibly younger and more radiant. Finally, before heading out the door, brush your face with 599 GLOW-PERFECTING POWDER for an effortless spring-ready radiance and an incredible evenly perfected complexion.

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