Help! Is there any relief for my dry skin?

Who better to provide the answers than established Maria Galland Paris beautician Ulrike Keller-Knobelspies!

In the colder seasons, we often have to switch between the cooler outdoors to warmer, hot air indoors, or vice versa. The colder the days, the higher we turn up the heating in our homes, and the hotter air draws the moisture from our skin. All this change can create havoc for our skin, making it drier, so it can feel tight and irritated, or look rougher or inflamed. Are there any remedies? Beautician Ulrike Keller-Knobelspies provides some answers.

Mrs. Keller-Knobelspies, why does skin become dry?

Because of several factors, including our genetic makeup, personal lifestyle and the wrong skin care, for instance, aggressive exfoliation. If you need a peeling treatment, my tip is to use 66 GENTLE EXFOLIATOR – it’s kinder to the skin.

What’s your personal secret for dealing with dry skin?

Essences, essences, essences – because dry skin needs extra-special pampering once or twice a week. From your late 20s onwards, you should be using a serum every day, both morning and evening. That’s the only way that the active ingredients can penetrate to where the problem starts.

What should you avoid if you have dry skin?

Avoid hot showers. Turn down the temperature to protect your skin. You should also avoid shower gels, as they can dry out the skin even more. And whatever you do, never use intense exfoliation treatments.

If you have dry skin, does that mean you’ll always have it?

The tendency towards dry skin will always be there, but you can certainly hide visible dryness by using the right skin care products.

Do the requirements of dry skin change with age?

Basically, our skin is going through a constant aging and renewal process. Women with more mature skin, for instance, benefit from using the 250 PROFILIFT FIRMING CREAM, which features effective active ingredients. The key is to align the skin care products to the customer’s age and her skin’s unique requirements.

20, 30, 40, 50 … which skin care products do you recommend for each age group?

Ideally, you should undergo a comprehensive analysis of your skin – whatever your age – to define your individual skin care needs. I personally recommend that women in their mid-20s with dry skin start with the serum 98 INTENSE ACTION HYDRATING SERUM and the cream 96 INTENSE HYDRATING CREAM. From their mid-30s, I’d recommend that they use serum 5C CELL REJUVENATING SERUM and cream 5A CELL REJUVENATING CREAM. Furthermore, the LUMIN’ÉCLAT line has been specifically created for younger women who want anti-aging skin care for their first fine wrinkles and lines. From age 40, dry skin and wrinkles go hand in hand, so, in addition to serums and creams, this target group should treat themselves with a mask, for example, 92 HYDRATING COOLING MASK. In general, this mask is amazingly hydrating for dry skin no matter how old you are. For women over 50, I’d recommend cream 5B SUPER REJUVENATING CREAM and 5C CELL REJUVENATING SERUM. For women with more mature skin, the MILLE line has been specially created with truly luxurious textures and precious active ingredients. The line ACTIV’AGE is also perfectly suited to the drier, less dense skin of women aged 50 and above. As a general rule, dry skin can benefit from intensive hydrating skin care at any age.

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A qualified dispensing chemist and professional beautician, Ulrike Keller-Knobelspies has worked independently since 1977. In 1984, she founded her “Tagesfarm” beauty salon in Munich. Since the very first day of her career – for over 40 years – the anti-aging expert has worked with Maria Galland Paris products. Why does she love them so much? “Maria Galland Paris captures the spirit of the day. I always know that the brand will regularly renew the line of products.” And her enthusiasm is infectious: her customers have stayed with her for decades. More info at:

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