Get glowing this winter

Give your skin a little extra protection and pampering – and look sensational during the cold season

Shimmering frost, glistening icicles, iridescent snowflakes – even the hardest winter can look truly beautiful. It’s a fun time as well, with opportunities for skiing, ice skating and sledging where you can enjoy overcoming challenging terrains of snow and ice. But: Below-zero temperatures present challenges for your skin, too, exposing it to harsh conditions, especially in higher altitudes. Icy winds, dry air and bright sun reflected off snow can aggravate skin, making it feel tight and look red and irritated.

Maria Galland Paris offers ideal products for a dedicated skincare routine for the colder months. Before stepping into the winter wonderland, apply 22J Cell-Protecting Primer with SPF 20 – an ideal defence against strong UV rays, an innovative anti-pollution complex and other active ingredients to shield against premature aging. The smoothing effects of this Cell-Protecting Primer create a perfect base for a flawless foundation, so your complexion looks luminous. The new foundations, like 99 SOIN HYDRATANT PERFECTEUR ÉCLAT or 799 SÉRUM DE TEINT PARFAIT by Maria Galland Paris, also contain an SPF and this layering effect creates double protection, cocooning your skin from aging and external factors.


Overnight, feed your skin with anti-aging nutrients by applying 22N Cell-boosting Serum before your night cream. The complex formula contains active ingredients including vitamin C and fatty acids which rejuvenate the skin, maintaining a youthful appearance – you’ll wake up glowing!


If your skin is particularly distressed in winter, treat it to 216 Gentle Soothing Mask twice a week after cleansing. This is a delicate cream mask, specially formulated for sensitive and irritated skin. Its innovative, soothing care complex comprises valuable oils and carefully selected plant extracts. Together, they alleviate a feeling of tightness and reduce redness of the skin instantly. The rich cream is highly effective in soothing and regenerating sensitive skin, while lotus and peony extracts provide an antioxidant effect.


Our beauticians can give you even more advice on what your skin needs during winter – you’ll find one near you with our beauty salon finder.

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