Five fascinating facts behind No. 5

We reveal key knowledge on top-selling 5 REJUVENATING CREAM from Maria Galland Paris – what makes it so unique and wonderfully effective

The number of digits on our hands and feet, the number of our senses – of course, we’re talking about the number 5. This is also the number of principles of man in Greek philosophy, said to be lucky in Chinese culture, was a symbol of perfection in the Mayas, and in numerology, it represents balance and harmony.

For Maria Galland Paris, the number 5 stands for a standout product: Women across the globe love Maria Galland’s regenerating 5 REJUVENATING CREAM, also known simply as “No. 5.” Here, we let you in on a few secrets behind the cream’s gorgeous texture and its premium status in the beauty world.

  1. 1. Debut product for Madame Maria Galland
    Maria Galland created the rejuvenating formula of No.5 almost 50 years ago in 1962, and successfully launched it onto the market –  the beauty pioneer’s first anti-aging cream.
  2. 2. Named after a style icon
    In homage to the most famous icon of them all, Coco Chanel, Madame Maria Galland named her first product “No. 5,” thus paving the way for the brand’s characteristic use of numbering in product names.
  3. 3. Works a beauty night shift
    Applied at night, the cream’s regenerating properties work while you sleep, so the next morning your skin is radiant, smooth and incredibly supple.
  4. 4. Formulated with five active ingredients
    The cream includes beeswax to prevent moisture loss; hazelnut oil to smooth the skin and improve elasticity; soy phytosterols for their powerful regenerating benefits; and vitamins A and B6 to soothe skin and promote growth of new cells.
  5. 5. A true team player
    5 REJUVENATING CREAM works perfectly as a “buffer cream,” and delivers exceptionally good results when used in combination with the MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD.

Try it yourself! Make an appointment for the 90-minute “MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD” at a Maria Galland Paris beauty salon near you.

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