Facial yoga, better than a face-lift?

It’s the latest anti-aging craze sweeping the world, but what exactly is facial yoga? Created in the late 70s by Catherine Urwitz, facial yoga is a blend of Hatha yoga (one of the most popular types of yoga) and beauty aesthetics. A more natural alternative to botox or surgery, facial yoga can help get rid of fine lines, sagging and wrinkles, leaving skin feeling more supple and younger-looking.

How does facial yoga work?

Facial yoga is a series of exercises that relax and tone facial muscles to prevent and even help to reverse wrinkles. Relaxing muscles in places we tend to hold tension like the jaws, eyebrows and forehead, can restrain the wrinkle-causing grimaces we make every day. Since the muscles in our face don’t have the luxury of lifting weights or going to the gym, we can apply pressure with our fingertips or make certain expressions to tone and strengthen them.

It’s the perfect complement to your beauty homecare products, an anti-aging boost that helps skin stand the test of time. Are you ready to stretch?

Each weekday, while you are getting ready, take 2 minutes and squeeze in your daily facial yoga session combined with deep breathing exercises, you’ll start to see signs of aging vanish. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to take time for yourself, a quick pause to slow down and relax before starting off your day.

Watch these videos for facial yoga anytime and anywhere or ask your Maria Galland Paris beautician to show you how.

Facial yoga video series






SATURDAY / SUNDAY: Enjoy your results and have a beautiful weekend!

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