All-new MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD: the customer perspective

Not just a facial treatment – our beauty editor enjoys and reveals the holistic and indulgent experience of an updated classic

Despite the digital age saving some time, enabling us to access work emails and stay in touch with friends while on the go, as life progresses we seem to need down time from this “always on” culture and the demands of both our professional and personal lives. That means: treating ourselves to dedicated sessions of “me time”. For some, this is reading a book uninterrupted, for others it’s meditation or a long bath. But what if you could enjoy 90 minutes of complete pampering? This is the divine duration of the new MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD from Maria Galland Paris, which promises moments of pure relaxation as well as rejuvenated skin – and which I am lucky enough to be testing today! I’m curious to see what the next 90 minutes will bring, and how I will feel when it’s over!

A perfect complexion – tailor made

Maria Galland Paris International Trainer Esther van Meer comes to greet me, noticing straightaway that I have some problems with my skin. After a thorough skin analysis, I enjoy the welcoming ritual of a short back massage – the perfect way to start relaxing and leave the stress of my daily life behind.

My “me time” has begun and I make myself comfortable on the treatment table. After cleansing, I’m given a peeling treatment for my face and neck, to clear away dead cells. Now my skin’s ready for the 33 ULTIMATE PRO ACTIVE ENHANCER, which I’m told is a cabin exclusive product and contains a rich mix of peptides and phospholipids. This works like a catalyst, making the skin more permeable so the active ingredients in the essences and products to be used later can really penetrate the targeted layers of the skin.

During the gentle lifting massage that follows, I almost fall asleep: the beautician’s movements are wonderfully calming as she applies the 5B SUPER REJUVENATING CREAM to my face. “I work upwards when I apply the creams, towards the forehead,” she says. “This helps to lift the features and the muscles. It’s a time-proven classic technique.”

“I work upwards when I apply the creams, towards the forehead. This helps to lift the features and the muscles.”

Esther stands near me throughout the treatment. “It’s part of Madame Maria Galland’s personal philosophy as a former professional dancer. Sitting is bad for the back and posture,” she explains. And she always keeps one hand on my shoulder, “to reassure you and make you feel safe.”

Next, various essences are applied like a mosaic to my forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, based on the skin analysis Esther made earlier. My forehead needs to glow more, my cheeks need help against blemishes, hyaluron will plump the skin around my eyes.

My face is then pampered with a generous layer of “buffer creams.” Esther applies the famous mineral paste, 3A MODELLING COMPLEX ANTI-AGE DEFENCE, to my entire face and neck, with the same lifting motion, sweeping upwards from jawline to forehead, as before to create the natural lifting effect. Only my nostrils and mouth area are excluded, so my skin can absorb every drop of the previously applied, rich, regenerating essences. The mask is airtight so the pores open better to absorb the active ingredients. The 3A MODELLING COMPLEX ANTI-AGE DEFENCE self-heats and gradually warms up to around 37 to 42 degrees. You can feel it lightly sculpting the contours of your face. During this time – 20 minutes – Esther treats me to a hand massage (blissfully relaxing!).

Now it’s time to remove the mask: it easily comes off in one piece and I don’t feel a thing. And as the last part of the treatment, Esther applies serum, eye cream, day cream and a primer to perfect my newly glowing skin tone. Done!

My personal conclusion

I was surprised by the comprehensive skin care steps, creams and essences, and the special lifting manual massage techniques which make up the MOSAIC MODELLING METHOD. But this complexity really does make sense: my skin looks younger, healthier and as if it’s been lifted. Back at the office, I receive several compliments about my clear complexion ... And what I especially liked about the treatment was its holistic approach. Thanks to the massages, I feel completely relaxed in both body and soul – a feeling I could definitely get used to!

Esther van Meer is from the Netherlands and has been an instructor and trainer at Maria Galland Paris since 1998. A qualified beautician, she trains others all over Europe, as well as being involved in the development of products and treatments.
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